Change Management

Change is a culture that grows over a period of time, inspired by the experiences and beliefs of an individual, a team, a leader or any group of people bound by the same conviction that leads them to accept the culture and the change

Change Management

Are there processes in your company that are not working as well as you would like? I analyse the problem, make proposals to improve the way they work, devise an action plan with you and support and guide the change process.

Of course, everything begins with clear goals. Together, we work out exactly what you want. Many business leaders simply want their organisation to work better, but what does that mean specifically? Maybe you want to be a market leader – does everyone in the company have the same view of what that entails? Or maybe you want to cut costs, but do you have a detailed insight into those costs? Do you mean staff costs, raw materials or something else? It is only once we have figured that out that we can really get to work.

Does the problem lie in the way internal processes are organised and the extent to which staff are willing and able to implement them?  If we optimise these processes, we will need to ensure they are on board as well. The ultimate aim is to guarantee the right quality and productivity at all times, for an acceptable cost price. For that, everyone involved in that process needs to know exactly what their roles and responsibilities are and what they contribute to the business. If we can achieve that, the costs will be under control and the employees will be satisfied.

From experience

“A German electric motor factory found that almost every order was delivered too late, and the complaints were pouring in. Oddly enough, no one in the team really had a problem with that. So I started investigating how exactly the processes worked. It soon became clear that they actually needed three times as many people to meet their deadlines with the processes they had. That knowledge was what we needed to start redesigning the processes.”

“We redesigned the service departments for this printer services provider, to turn them into a genuine Benelux entity. New roles, new profiles and a new way of thinking and acting were required for this, and the ‘on the move’ project gave the company what it needed.”

"You coached me with patience and sometimes with daring, so I could develop my skills in tackling the decisions that have to be made. By believing in me, you turned the areas I needed to improve into strengths. You taught me to cope with challenges and aim for quality in my work. You knew how to tone down my somewhat temperamental character. You are a leader, but above all you are a mentor, a guide, and someone who brings out the best in his teams by treating everyone with respect"

Nathalie Smith

Manager Operations BSO, Outsourcing Services Department Ricoh Belgium NV

"Steven 's qualities and skills are especially: changemanagement, people management, implementing operational excellence as an attitude within the team in order to achieve the maximum rates within the different service level agreements towards the customer.

He is very loyal and honest and reports in a very transparent way * for the department which was under his supervision, he was the perfect right hand."

Chantal Haeck

Directeur bedrijfsondersteunende diensten UZ Gent

“Steven has had several roles at Signpost, all focused on relieving us of burdens. Whether his task involved logistical challenges, international contacts, setting up a new office, renovating a building or taking on specific purchasing cases, it was always done successfully, and delivered on time and within budget.
His flexibility, open mind and the way he treats people make him an appreciated colleague and a genuine source of support.”

Arne Vandendriessche

CEO Signpost
I have been active in the business community for almost thirty years, building up experience throughout that period in both optimising processes and coaching and guiding teams.
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