Interim Management

A good interim manager creates a long-lasting solution whilst making his or her role unnecessary as quickly as possible

Interim Management

Is your company in a transitional phase?

Do you need someone who can take over the leadership of a department or business unit temporarily?

Could you use some help getting through a very busy period?

That’s where I come in. It’s not that I limit my role to merely holding the fort. I will always communicate openly about possible improvements and – if you want me to – I will implement them as well.

From experience

“For this printer services provider, third-line services dealt with the most complex technical problems:

  • for which highly technical profiles were required
  • including the technical aspects of every contract
  • and following up on the technical side of every project carried out.

It was a challenge to replace the manager of the department for 16 months, take on a number of difficult commercial projects and bring them to a successful conclusion.”

"You coached me with patience and sometimes with daring, so I could develop my skills in tackling the decisions that have to be made. By believing in me, you turned the areas I needed to improve into strengths. You taught me to cope with challenges and aim for quality in my work. You knew how to tone down my somewhat temperamental character. You are a leader, but above all you are a mentor, a guide, and someone who brings out the best in his teams by treating everyone with respect"

Nathalie Smith

Manager Operations BSO, Outsourcing Services Department Ricoh Belgium NV

"Steven 's qualities and skills are especially: changemanagement, people management, implementing operational excellence as an attitude within the team in order to achieve the maximum rates within the different service level agreements towards the customer.

He is very loyal and honest and reports in a very transparent way * for the department which was under his supervision, he was the perfect right hand."

Chantal Haeck

Directeur bedrijfsondersteunende diensten UZ Gent

“Steven has had several roles at Signpost, all focused on relieving us of burdens. Whether his task involved logistical challenges, international contacts, setting up a new office, renovating a building or taking on specific purchasing cases, it was always done successfully, and delivered on time and within budget.
His flexibility, open mind and the way he treats people make him an appreciated colleague and a genuine source of support.”

Arne Vandendriessche

CEO Signpost
I have been active in the business community for almost thirty years, building up experience throughout that period in both optimising processes and coaching and guiding teams.
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